Let’s keep the entry as simple as possible… This is typically a room that gets cluttered with the comings and goings of day to day life so if we start simple it will be better managed. At least that’s the hope!

You really don’t need much more than a simple bench to sit on (and throw your bag on). This could be a storage bench as long as it’s not too bulky or heavy feeling or a simple bench with a beautiful, yet durable, fabric on it. 

A beautiful mirror will be the show stopper here. I think bigger is better. Clustering a few similar mirrors would also achieve that same effect. Something with some real beauty will make the space feel special. 

A pair of sconces on either side of the mirror will add much needed light and visual interest. There are so many options in the world of sconces… we will select the main light fixture first and then follow its lead.

Speaking of which… a beautiful light fixture will hang from the ceiling. A flush mount will probably be best so we don’t run into problems with the swing of the door. We could go classic or more funky. I think either is a good direction.

An umbrella stand will fit nicely on one side of the door. I find an umbrella stand useful for umbrellas as well as baseball bats, toy swords and the random stick deemed essential to life by small people. It will also add a little personality to the space.

A rug that is washable… because life in Maplewood can get a bit muddy at times! I am thinking a cotton flat weave in a stripe or simple pattern to add some interest without overwhelming the space. 

living room

I imagine the living room as a calm, polished and grown up space that feels fresh and far from stuffy. As you mentioned, the room will be used primarily for entertaining and therefore it will accommodate different sized crowds. This is done with a flexible seating arrangement – lots of smaller places to perch around the room that can be moved around as necessary. I have placed classic pieces to act as the foundation and then the room will be brought to life with accessories and textiles which will add color and texture. This room is going to be absolutely beautiful! I have included some suggestions for the sofas as these will need to be ordered first. Let me know if you have a preference in style… there are so many styles to choose from and I have narrowed it down. Once we have the style we can find the perfect sofa.

A natural fiber rug in a large size will anchor the room. Natural fiber rugs come in subtle patterns that are stunning and if we can find the correct size I thick we should go for it.

A pair of settee sized sofas will flank the fireplace. This room is narrow and a sofa actually fits better than a pair of chairs as you would need a table in between them. This will provide a cosy place for people to gather. We will do the sofas in a neutral color and then choose pillows and textiles to add personality. I think we will add a pair of small rectangular side tables on the fireplace side of the sofas but I want to be sure it doesn’t feel too crowded once the rest of the furniture is placed. You can never have too much surface area!

Here are a few sofa suggestions: this tufted settee, this traditional rolled arm sofa or this traditional tight back sofa. Let me know which you prefer and I will find the perfect shape/fabric combination.

A coffee table will anchor the sofas. Something leggy to add some lightness to the room will do the trick. I think a metal finish on the legs will be best to add a bit of shine and elegance.

A bar cabinet will house all of the entertaining necessities. A pair of interesting lights on top will add some sparkle.

A pair of comfortable chairs will go on either side of the bar cabinet. A great place to sit and chat while waiting for that drink… 

A demi lune console table will add surface area for a lamp and some other necessities and the shape will help keep the room open to traffic.

A pair of sconces will add some light and some visual interest.

A pretty mirror would be lovely above the console table and help light move throughout the room.

An interesting side chair will add what every room needs – a happy surprise. I love an odd piece that seems a bit out of place. It adds layers to the room and prevents that dreaded “catalogue look!”

A pair of small stools will look pretty under the front windows and will provide extra seating wherever it’s needed in the event of a crowd!

An etagere will fit nicely between the two front windows. It can house all sorts of pretty things – ones you have now and ones you will acquire in the future. 

We have the option of new Roman shades for the windows in this room or else we could do a simple curtain with a tape trim. Trim makes a simple curtain look custom and feels very finished. 

We will add accessories and soft furnishings (pillows, lamps, etc) throughout to complete the room.