hi ladies! here is the master bedroom plan… i hope you like it! if you want to change anything let me know and we will figure it out. here we go!

bed in king size.

9 X 12 rug and a good quality rug pad… sooo worth the cost.

a pair of bedside tables

swing arm lamps, a pair to replace the existing sconces.

bench because it is amazing and you really need a place to pile your clothes… i mean if we’re being honest.

2 pairs of white curtains. the trim should be pompom and i think teal is the color to go with. there are tons of places you can get this online or check out some of the fabric places near you. i’m sure stephanie has a few good ones! this is for the leading edge of the curtains so measure that for the proper yardage. i didn’t include this in the budget because i’m not sure how much it will run you. 

curtain hardware in rubbed iron finish. please measure the windows (i like to put the rods on the trim and since the door is sandwiched between the two windows i think this is the best solution here) to confirm that the small size is small enough. i think we should treat the door as a door rather than a window and therefore figure out a different treatment. i was thinking white wood blinds like these. thoughts? i would also put these same blinds on the windows for light control/privacy.  let me know if we need to discuss further…

duvet/euro shams in petrol since you are getting a king size bed i would recommend 3 shams and 3 standard pillows too rather than king size pillows… but it’s up to you. if you like sleeping with a king pillow then go for it! i find them unwieldy.

blanket in garnet color.

mirror, optional but i like to have a full length in the bedroom for obvious wardrobe reasons.

the chest of drawers is your existing brown one.



here is the living room plan…

9 X 12 rug and rug pad if needed… some sisal rugs come rubber backed. you may want to have a pad on hand and you can return it if you don’t need it or cut it to fit other, smaller rugs throughout the house.

sofa in platinum/ecru linen weave (one of the quick ship fabrics).

coffee table.

pair of swivel chairs in camargo linen slate.

side table.

pillows here, here and here. these are for the sofa. let’s see how the swivel chairs feel and if they need a lumbar pillow i have some ideas but they may not need them.

small chest.

curtains. you will need 3 pairs.

curtain trim for the leading edge of each curtain. since this trim is the same as the trim for the bar area, make sure to measure your yardage for all of the curtains.

bamboo shades to be purchased and installed through your local guy.

curtain rods. you will need 3 of the small size rods in the rubbed iron finish.

sofa table

table lamp and shade size extra large. (we may need a pair… but see how one feels in the space before spending the money. one might be large enough.)

floor lamp with a natural color shade.

a pair of accent lamps for the mantle.




8 X 10 rug in silver color and rug pad. i think the rug is actually a little smaller than 8X10 but there is one close to this size.

pair of upholstered, tufted chairs.

set of 4 side chairs.

round table.

planter of some sort for a large plant. two options here and here.

super cool lamp.

console table.

bamboo shades to be purchased and installed through your local guy.

curtain rods. the small size in rubbed iron finish. you will need 4 of them.

curtains. 8 panels total in red. you will have to measure for the height.

the accessories shown are just styling suggestions. take a look around and see what sorts of pretty things you have to make the room your own. let me know if you think you need some ideas. i am a big fan of the decorative box… my old boss Bunny Williams thinks every room needs one and i completely agree. they are great for stashing extra candles and matches or for putting extra coasters in. 



Flor tile (pictured at the bottom of the picture… it just looked more cohesive there!) for the entry way between the doors. you should order 18 tiles so you can replace them as needed. they do discontinue the different styles from time to time so it’s good to have a bunch on hand.

umbrella stand for between the entry doors.

rug and rug pad for the main entry hall. i think this should be a show stopper and really add color to the space. pictured is a one of a kind antique rug found for an absolute steal. i hope you like it as much as i do!

column accent table. this is for your keys and whatnot that you will inevitably toss somewhere as you come in the door. i have found having a specific place for these things help to keep the clutter in check.

console table for along the stair rail.

silver oil lamps in both large and small.



rug and rug pad.

sectional sofa. this will really pull the whole room together. you can use your existing sofa and chair for now and i will post two floor plans so you get the gist for each layout. they are similar… but still. better safe than sorry.

coffee table.

media cabinet. tv to be mounted on the wall above.

leather chair. add a little texture and sheen to the space.

a pair of poufs in charcoal/ivory color. to be used as  satellite seating when needed. put a tray on top and they can act as an extra table. pull them up tot he tv and you can use them as seating for all your gaming needs!

side table in poppy red color.

console/sofa table. for behind the sofa. once you get the sectional you may feel you need another of these to ground the sofa. let’s wait and see.

pair of lamps and their shades in size large.

a variety of pillows hereherehere and a pair of pillows here. don’t forget to check if they come with inserts… if not then you will need to purchase them as well.

metal cabinet. you can put bar accessories in this. it should be put in the center of the studio wall. sorry, it didn’t make it onto the floor plan. i will add it eventually…




5 X 8 rug and rug pad.


desk chair. this is the one that jake has and loves… he sits in it for hours. if you like the style this one is the best bang for your buck. i prefer the dark brown.

brass desk lamp.

wing chair.

pouf. to be 


cabinet for office supplies and to put the printer on and whatnot.

your existing bookcases.



i know… all of this is already ordered. but i figured i would put it up so the floor plan would be here for future reference. plus you can see how rad it is going to look once it’s all in place!

2 pairs of Curtains.

Curtain trim.

bamboo shades to be purchased and installed through your local guy.

Curtain rods in the rubbed iron finish. The large size should just fit… phew! Just get one and treat the window bank as one window. 

bench. this will break up that long wall a bit and also provide you with extra seating when you have people over.

Metal cabinet to be used as a bar. A nice tray on top will make any bottles/bar accessories look neat and tidy and also give you the opportunity to add some color and visual interest to the space.

Bar stools. I think we decided on 4.

i am undecided on a  rug for this area. I recommend getting the furniture in place and then you will know if you need to add a rug. Let me know… you may in order to make the space feel more cohesive and less like a big open space.



your existing queen bed.

queen size duvet cover and euro shams.

pair of bedside tables.

pair of bedside lamps.

plain white sheets in queen size can come from anywhere. as i have said, i like the threshold line from target.

rug and rug pad in 8X10 size… it’s on sale!

pair of chairs are extra seating from the dining room. i believe these are already ordered.

long and tall chests of drawers are your existing.

yellow table lamp for the long chest of drawers.

2 sets of curtain hardware, the small size in rubbed bronze finish.

your existing burlap curtains.

bamboo shades to be purchased and installed through your local guy.