here are my initial thoughts… 

your existing rug. i don’t have a photo of yours so i tried to stay in the same color family. am i remembering it correctly?

your existing desk.

this desk chair swivels and has no casters… which i know you prefer. i think the dark color is a smarter choice for longevity but if you prefer a color we can keep looking.

the amazing secretary from West Elm which you have already ordered. you can keep office supplies and your printer in this. we can find something pretty for the top shelf… something with some bright color.

your existing Tiffany lamp.

this amazing capiz flush mount light fixture.

i think we should do a roman shade to add some texture. i need to take measurements and then i will do some investigating. i think a roman will work better than curtains here but if you feel strongly about curtains i could be persuaded otherwise…

an inspiration board like this one but i can make you one in no time for much less and we could find a great fabric to cover it with. another opportunity to add some texture.

in addition to the above, let’s remove the radiator cover. 



as for the closet, we are going to make this a super powerhouse of storage! you will need a pair of file cabinets (i will measure to be sure they will fit.)

a white board. here is one with a nice wide frame border… so many of them look super institutional and the frame makes this one look like less of an afterthought. we could even paint it some crazy color if the room needs a little pop.

then, i think we should go with proper measurements in hand to the Container Store and trick it out with Elfa. that way we can get the most out of the space. we could go the Home Depot route… but i think the finish will be prettier and better suited to its purpose (office supplies, wrapping, etc.) if we raise the bar a bit and go Elfa. it just has so many different components like drawers and whatnot which will make it really work for you.

we will take out the hanging bar since you don’t need that in an office. we can assess the condition of the walls and if they need a fresh coat of paint then we will take care of that. 

so what do you think?