Full-Service Interior Design

Full Service Interior Design is the perfect fit for someone who wants guidance with every design detail. From the initial furniture layout, to furniture sourcing, and accessory placement, Sarah will be there every step of the way.

When you choose Full Service Design Sarah takes the lead and creates an overall look and feel for the space. Once a vision is agreed upon, Sarah will select furniture and accessories that speak to that vision. It is a gradual, very collaborative process and is accomplished over time, at the client’s pace.

Sarah’s aim is not to create a space that feels like a “Sarah Gee Interior” but rather to create a home that feels like a reflection of the people that live within its walls.

$200 an hour with a 10-hour minimum.

Design Bomb

A Design Bomb is a comprehensive decorating solution for improving your space. You will receive a personalized design scheme that is tailored to your home, which you can then implement yourself, within your own timeline and budget.

A Design Bomb is composed of 3 elements: The Floorplan is a map showing you the best placement of furniture in your space. The Inspiration Board is a visual reference providing guidance on style, shape, and color for recommended furniture. The Shopping Guide provides personal direction in the selection of furniture and lighting. It includes links to two options for each element in the room.

The Design Bomb is a flat-fee service and pricing is based on the scope of work and complexity of the design.

$1550 – $3200

Inspiration Consultation

Perfect for those with a list of questions – but the desire to tackle them yourself – an Inspiration Consultation allows you to bend Sarah’s ear for two hours and get to the bottom of your pressing design conundrums. Please excuse her if she starts moving furniture on the spot! During an Inspiration Consultation, Sarah can style your shelves, recommend the right window treatments to fit your windows, improve your floorplan, help you place art throughout your home, and so much more. At the end of your Inspiration Consultation, you will receive a detailed write up of all that was covered, including next steps and any tips, so that you can start making improvements right away. This service is a great choice for clients who have recently moved, have a tricky design dilemma that needs solving, or simply need a second opinion about that accent chair or wallpaper pattern.


Interior Color Consultation

Did you paint a few sample swatches on the wall of your bedroom six months ago, and can’t seem to take the next step?

An Interior Color Consultation is a collaboration between designer and client ensuring that you are left with a color palette that suits you, your family, and your home. This service is conducted on-site, during daylight hours, and typically takes around 2 hours.


Exterior Color Consultation

Are you drowning in a sea of paint chips, overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices?

An Exterior Color Consultation is a collaboration between designer and client ensuring that you are left with an exterior color combination that is a reflection of your home’s inhabitants. During this consultation, a few color combinations will be chosen for your painter to put up on the house for consideration. Once the samples are up, Sarah will return to the site to take a look at each option and finalize the palette for your home. This service is conducted on-site, during daylight hours, and typically takes around an hour.


Floorplan Creation

Let’s face it, with windows and doors everywhere in these historic homes, figuring out where to place furniture can be tricky. Where should the TV go? What size sofa will work best? How do you create a focal point with a fireplace that is off-center? When Sarah creates a custom floorplan for your space, she takes into account how you live, who you live with, proper flow, and the correct scale of furnishings.

It starts with a visit to your home where she will take proper measurements and photos of the space in question, as well as ask you some questions about how you use the space. In a week or two, you will receive a floorplan tailored to your room, drawn to scale, and with notes that will help you build a room perfect for you and your home.


Have Questions? Get in touch! Email sarah@sarahgeeinteriors.com