The Design Bomb

The Design Bomb is a flat-fee decorating solution for one room, a group of rooms, or an entire home. You will receive a personalized design scheme that is tailored to your space, which you can then implement yourself within your own timeline and budget.

To start, I will visit your home for an initial consultation, on which I will base a design services proposal for your review. If you elect to move forward, I will return to your home to take photographs and measurements of the Design Bomb room(s), as well as any existing furniture and accessory items that you want to keep in the space. Your Design Bomb package will be delivered via e-mail and will contain a furniture floor plan and a detailed design board that will communicate a sense of what the room will feel like upon completion.

Following the completion of the Design Bomb, I am always available as needed for further Design Consultation at my hourly rate.

The Design Bomb service fee is based on room(s) size(s), and the overall scope of work. A typical Design Bomb is completed 2–3 weeks from when on-site measurements are taken.

A la Carte Services

In some cases, the Design Bomb service might not be the best fit for your particular needs.

Design Consultation

Billed on an hourly basis, Design Consultations vary widely in scope from something as specific as outfitting your bedroom with window treatments to a much more comprehensive whole room—or house—overhaul.

For example, I can help you select a new sofa to purchase by researching and presenting options until we land together on the one that is right for you; I can design and implement a plan for hanging art throughout your home; or I can assist you in choosing accessories to accent the furnishings you already have in a particular room. A Design Consultation can be particularly useful if you are stuck on a single design dilemma or are interested in a more gradual and collaborative approach.

Color Consultation

Are you drowning in a sea of paint chips, overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices?

Did you paint a few sample swatches on the wall of your bedroom six months ago, and can’t seem to take the next step?

I will help you choose colors that suit you, your family, and your home—both interior and exterior. A Color Consultation is conducted on-site, together with my client.


Unlike traditional home staging, the service I offer is home styling in preparation for market. While it’s critical that personal clutter be cleared from a property prior to going up for sale, a house still needs to feel like a home to make it appealing to potential buyers. While typical staging can leave a space neutralized and sterile, with generic rental furnishings, I aim to retain the charm and soul of home by mainly using items you already have to show your space in the best possible light.

Finding this balance requires thoughtful de-cluttering, design direction, and styling. I will devise a plan to use what you already own, together with instructions for simple improvements that can be tackled by the homeowner, to best accentuate what your house has to offer.

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