The Dining Room is given an updated, more modern feel through the addition of a few new furniture pieces as well as some alterations to existing elements. Keeping the current wall color, we bring warmth and texture into the space with a large natural fiber area rug. Overstock has a plethora of beautiful choices and in my experience the quality is just as good as that found at the big retailers. The Palm Beach Desert Sand jute rug in the 9X12 size is a lovely choice. The Wheat Jute Chevron rug in the 8X11 size is another great option. Many natural fiber rugs come with a rubber backing making the purchase of a rug pad unnecessary. If the rug does not have a slip proof backing then a properly sized rug pad is a must.

Your existing table and chairs remain in the center of the room. From the ceiling hangs a large, updated light fixture. The Glass Disc Chandelier is a beautiful pendant. It would throw much needed light into the room and add sophistication to the space without feeling too formal. Another lovely option is the Cadiz Globe Chandelier. This light is modern pendant that has a soft quality about it and would emit a warm light. Yet another option is the Dumont Mirrored Chandelier. This option has a more casual feel than the other two options but the modern details on the fixture keep it from feeling too rustic. Any of these is a great choice and whatever fixture you choose, consider putting it on a dimmer switch if there isn’t one in place already. Dimmers can change the look and feel of a room in a snap adding versatility to a space.

Between the corner cabinet built-ins, under the high windows, we will replace the existing sideboard with a less traditional piece. This is the largest, most weighty piece of furniture in the room and should be treated as a focal point. I recommend choosing a special piece of furniture that you love as it, along with the light fixture, will set the tone for the entire  room. The Annecy Sideboard has visual weight which is helpful in a location with so much movement – with the windows, the trim and the corner cabinets there is a lot going on. Another option is the 20th C Harper Sideboard. This would certainly be a splurge but worth it if you love the piece. If you like the feel of it but aren’t sold on the design, the Wood Tiled Buffet is an option with a similar feel.

On top of the sideboard sits a pair of lamps. These can be a more decorative style like the Ksara lamp or the Luna Table lamp which would add depth and ambience to the room. Another option is a pair of Orb Concrete lamps which would add a bit more light than a more decorative style while still adding plenty of charm.

You will notice on the floorpan that I have moved the piano into this room. It is placed along the left hand, kitchen side wall and fills the space perfectly. This is a long wall and it calls for a large piece of furniture to fill it. Rather than add another surface which could potentially act as a collection spot for miscellaneous items, it will instead  house an existing piece thus freeing up valuable space in the living room. To the right of the piano is a spot perfect for a spare dining chair when not in use.

To the left of the doorway is the small desk that is currently in the entry area of the Living Room. It is a perfect place to sit a dining chair when not in use as well as a great perch for a lamp which will add yet another layer of light. The Ceramic Tower lamp would add an unexpected pop of color. The Modernist Table lamp is also a solid option. Something with a little bit of color is definitely called for here. 

For the corner cabinets I recommend replacing the existing glass with antiqued mirror. You can have this done by anyone who sells and replaces glass and mirror but here are two I have heard good things about without having had them do any work for me personally. There is Glass Plus which is in Vauxhall and GlassWorks in Millburn. If you are feeling confident, you can also do this yourself! It isn’t difficult but does require careful measuring. Here is a place where you can order glass online and they can provide you with finish samples. It’s definitely worth thinking about. Mirror comes in many different antiqued styles, a simple one will suit the space best. Beveling is always pretty but not necessary. We also spoke of adding fabric behind the glass. This is an option but in my experience it can look dated and feel formal. The fabric would need to be chosen with care. If you prefer this option and would like help selecting a fabric I am happy to help, just let me know.

For the windows, the current shades remain in place and curtains and hardware are added. This gives the room depth through layering and add softness and warmth. My favorite source for curtains is the company Martha&Ash. They are a small, family owned business and they are absolutely wonderful to work with. Their quality is outstanding and they are a fraction of the price of other custom workrooms. The curtains are available to the public at around $250 a panel but if you place the order through me they will be considerably less. I am happy to pass along my savings.  This is the style I would recommend in the white linen fabric and either the pewter or the rust colored Greek Key Trim. Let me know your thoughts on going custom and I can have the company generate a quote. Alternatively, if custom feels too daunting, there are many pretty options in the ready-made curtain world. The Embroidered Medina curtain panel would look absolutely amazing in the room. You would need the 96″ size and a quantity of 4. For these curtain panels you would not need curtain rings to attach them to the rods. 

The curtain hardware you select should be of good quality – there is nothing more disappointing than watching a rod slowly droop under the weight of beautiful curtains! The Estate Rod is a simple and elegant choice. You will need the 88″-126″ size. The end caps and the brackets should both be in the large size. I prefer the rectangular style brackets but either would be lovely. You will also need a center bracket. Another option is the Dakota style.  This rod should be in the 88″-126″ size and the large diameter. The end caps for this style should be the large Dakota Handle finials and the brackets should also be in the large size. You will also need a center bracket. For either style you will need curtain rings in the large size and the loop ring style should you choose to go the custom curtain route.


The Living Room is a tricky space in that it is broken up by the stairs making the layout a challenge. Since symmetry in a space is what brings beauty to a room and rest to the eye, we are using the trick of pairs to polish the room. There are plenty of flexible seating options so the space is just as comfortable for a small gathering as it is for a large crowd. On top of your existing area rug sits the existing sofa. A console table is placed along the back. When selecting this piece, keep in mind that it is the first thing you see when you walk in the front door. A piece with closed storage like the Blake Console offers flexibility in that hats and gloves and other items can be stashed inside and kept out of sight. If you feel you don’t need the additional storage, the Darby Console has a lighter feel and the burled wood is simply lovely. This selection gives you the option of putting beautiful seagrass decorative baskets under it for collecting things like shoes or umbrellas if you find you need a little extra storage down the line. For a compromise of the two styles, the Devon Console has the leggy feel of a simple table but incorporates closed storage in the drawers. 

On top of the console table sits a pair of beautiful lamps. Two Adams Gourd lamps in marine blue would add a bit of color to the space. A pair of Two Light Marble lamps would add a little something unexpected to the room, I love these lamps. Either makes the room feel polished.

The sofa is livened up by the addition of some colorful accent pillows. You can get beautiful pillows in good quality seemingly anywhere these days, even places like Target and HomeGoods. I am including a few suggestions but don’t feel limited by them – use the color palette as a jumping off point and choose a pattern and texture that you love. Be bold with your choices as the room can handle it! You are looking for an odd number of pillows, either 3 or 5. A few large, matching square pillows and an additional lumbar shape in a different pattern to throw off the symmetry a bit. The following are some suggestions… The Colored Majida pillow. The Edo Pillow cover. The Vineyard Pillow in ocean color. The Neya pillow. The Yara Ikat pillow in the rectangular size. The Chiara Ikat pillow. The Kayo pillow. My favorite combination is a pair of the Mirabelle Embroidered pillows paired with a single Zaer pillow. Love the mixture of texture and pattern! Anyway, I could go on for hours… but those should get you started. Be aware that some pillows are sold as covers only so double check the descriptions. If you need to order inserts look for a good quality fill to avoid losing feathers over time. I like these.

On the long wall where the piano once stood sits a tall cabinet. This provides you with some necessary height variation in the room as well as some surfaces for books and other decorative objects. A piece like the Townsend Bookcase would be a stunner. Another style option is the sleeker Silvia Wide Etagere. This piece would need some key decorative objects to sit on the shelves. An online retailer like Wisteria or one of the designer discount sites like Joss&Main or One King’s Lane have a plethora of items to choose from should you feel you are lacking in this department. You can create a collection in a matter of minutes. Simply stick to one type of thing or one consistent color, blue and white ginger jars for example or different items in the color red. It is easy to find inexpensive accessories and you don’t need a lot… just a few key pieces. As always, I am more than happy to help.

To the right of this shelving piece is a single, interesting sconce. This adds a bit more light on that side of the room at a different height – important for making a room feel welcoming. The Library Sconce in antique brass finish would look beautiful as would the Cylinder Task light in brass and bronze finish. Alternatively, you could hang a painting in this spot and add a picture light above it. The Modern Picture Light in either bronze or antique brass would be a lovely choice, just be sure to properly measure the art you plan on illuminating prior to ordering so that the light is the correct size.

The window on this wall has a pair of pretty curtains. Once again I recommend using the company Martha&Ash for custom panels. For this room I would choose White Linen panels with a Cobalt color Greek Key tape trim. Alternatively, the Medina curtains in blue color and in the 96″X50″ size would look very pretty and add a lot of texture. The curtain hardware is a simple style. The Copenhagen Brass and Wood rods in the 48″-88″ size are lovely. Another choice is the Estate Rod in the 48″-88″ size, medium diameter. For the Estate hardware you will also need the medium end brackets and a medium size center bracket to prevent any sagging. I would choose the round style for the brackets but the rectangular would look good as well if that is your preference.

Placed in different spots around the room is a matching pair of stools. These are easily moved around as needed for additional seating, a place to prop feet or, with the addition of a beautiful tray, another spot to put drinks or snacks when you have a crowd over. The Cavett ottoman in portobello fabric is an option with clean lines. The Callie ottoman in teal fabric would add a bit of richness to the space. 

In front of the fireplace is a pair of  matching swivel chairs. These allow you to utilize the fireplace if two people are home reading by the hearth as well as if there is a large gathering of people. Because the chairs swivel, they will function in different directions with minimal effort. My hands down favorite swivel chair is the Larkin. If its glider feature feels unnecessary to you, another great option is the Carlyle which just swivels and doesn’t glide. Either of the styles would look amazing in the Belize Taupe fabric. A close second choice is the Halyard Mineral fabric.

A pair of matching standing lamps flanks the fireplace. They act as reading lamps for the swivel chairs but they also give off enough general light to brighten up the room. My favorite style is the Rococo Floor Lamp. An alternative is the Melrose Brass Floor Lamp.

A set of nesting tables sits beside one of the chairs and acts as a place to perch a cup of hot tea while enjoying the fire. Once more, this allows the space to function for different size crowds in a snap. The Waterfall Nesting tables virtually disappear in a space leaving the room feeling uncluttered. If you want something a bit more substantial yet still airy, the Jules Accent table is a beautiful choice.

A new, round coffee table completes the living space. Although I attempted to incorporate your existing coffee table into the room, its size and shape made the flow feel awkward. A round table helps the traffic flow of the room feel effortless. The reflective quality of the Marble Topped Pedestal Table adds some lightness. An alternate, less weighty choice is the Spindle Coffee Table. The bold choice is the Embossed Meridian Table… It’s truly a conversation piece.

By the front door is a small console table. This is a great place to drop your keys or the mail when you come in the door. The Liana Console would add a soft color already found elsewhere in the room. A more unexpected choice is the Daltry Console in a bright color like red. It would add energy to the room for sure. On top of this table sits a lamp. The Abacus table lamp is a lovely choice that would throw a good amount of light. The Faceted Stone Lamp would add a little bit drama. On the wall above the table is the perfect spot for a mirror. This will help bounce light around the room and really lighten up that corner. The Whitewash Elephant Hathi mirror would be a lovely addition. The Ivory Bone Mirror would be a simpler choice. Either would be lovely.



This room is a cosy and warm place to gather as a family and watch TV. Starting with the walls, a fresh coat of paint in a dark, soothing color creates a space everyone wants to hole up in. I recommend Benjamin Moore Creek Bed #1006 or Benjamin Moore Arctic Shadows #1559. A dark color makes the space feel incredibly cosy and helps the texture of the paneling recede into the background.

The current carpet is replaced with a soft wall to wall that will be easy to care for yet textural and pleasing to the eye. I recommend either 100% wool or a wool blend for this space or else one of the newer wool alternatives.  Opulon and Woolsoft are new synthetics that have the look and feel of wool but they are about half the cost. While I cannot wholeheartedly recommend going to the Home Depot as I have found the people in the carpet department to be less than knowledgable, they do have a decent selection and they always seem to be having a sale on installation. One Home Depot recommendation I will make is the Nourtex brand Newport Collection in the “Newport Grid” pattern. It is made out of Woolsoft and feels incredibly luxurious. The color you choose depends on the wall color you decide on. My favorites are Slate and Desert. Another Nourtex brand carpet I like is the wool blend Victoria Collection in the “Wellington” pattern. Thistle or Icicle color are both pretty choices. Either design would be a pretty, cosy and warm choice that will last you for years to come. You can also go to a carpet store like Cove in Summit and get better customer service if you feel you want more guidance in the process. Stick with a simple, medium scale pattern with a subtle color differentiation.


 The existing TV console and matching shelving unit remain in the room in their existing locations.

The window shades are replaced with room darkening Romans with a simple pattern or trim detail which adds interest to the room. These are to be outside mount shades allowing the room to get as dark as possible making for an optimal movie watching experience! The Riviera Roman in Sandalwood color in the 36″X64″ size is blackout lined and would be a pretty addition to the room. An option with a little more pattern is the Torrence shade in Pigeon color in the 36″X64″ size. For around the same price or possibly less we can go the custom route. I would choose the “Waves” fabric pictured in this link but in a simple Roman shade, no trim detailing. I am waiting on a quote and will pass along the information once I have it if you prefer this option… just let me know.

The biggest and most important addition to the space is a large, comfortable sectional sofa. The entire family can happily pile onto this piece at once. With the addition of throw pillows and a few cosy blankets you may never want to get up. Not a bad thing! Sectionals typically come in two styles – an L shaped chaise style sectional or an L shaped sectional with a terminal (arm rest) end. Either has pros and cons for different seating needs. West Elm has started making a hybrid style that offers the best features of both styles and that is what I recommend for this room. The Shelter Sectional with a right terminal is a relaxed and soft option. For this sofa I recommend the “Heathered Tweed” fabric in either the Lake or Granite colorway.  A more streamlined option is the Peggy Sectional in the “Heathered Tweed” fabric in either the Granite or Lake colorway. It is worth going into a store to look at the two options or, at the very least, ordering the fabric samples so that you can compare them with the wall color.

On the sectional are a few comfy pillows. Here are some options: The Zaer, the Leah in the small size, the Floral Reef in the small size, the Chandani Chevron in either size, the Wind and Sea in the medium size, the Nadia Ikat, the Chiara Ikat or the Spotted Ikat in either size just to name a few!

On the wall near the door is a sconce that will warm up the corner of the sectional and add light to the room without having to worry about bumping it with your head when you sit on the couch. The Jax sconce would be a good bet as would the Stoneware sconce – two very different looks.

Placed on the floor in the room sits a seagrass basket in which to place a few cosy throws. This Faux Fur throw looks pretty wild but trust me when I say that it is the most luxurious blanket to curl up in. Another option is something like the Tassel Stripe throw in a bright color like Cayenne.  Anything soft and warm will do the trick, get a few so you don’t have to share!

In front of the sectional is a pouf style ottoman or two that can be used as a place to prop feet and get comfortable or else it can be used as another seating option. The Diamond Bubble pouf is a style that adds texture to the space and its size allows you to have a matching pair allowing for maximum flexibility. A more colorful choice is the Basketweave pouf, also sized so that two can fit in the room. One more option is the Moroccan Pouf. Choose it in a color that makes you happy. One of these would fit the space nicely.



The Master Bedroom is a calm, soothing space that you will look forward to returning to at the end of a long day. Setting the tone for the room will be a fresh paint color. Sherwin-Williams Oyster Bay #SW-6205 or Sherwin-Williams Rare Gray #SW-6199 would both add sophisticated color to the space. Either color will act as a beautiful backdrop for the new furnishings. Starting with the floor, a new rug will add softness and ground the room. The Rumaya rug in the 9’6″ X 13′ size would do just that. If you are looking for a rug that makes more of a visual statement, the Fans Printed rug in the 9X12 size would do just that. A rug pad will ensure that either lasts you a lifetime. If you are concerned about the doors opening and closing properly with such a large rug on the floor (you have a lot of doors in this room) then order the next rug size down. If you decide to do this let me know and I will update the floorplan with the placement of the smaller size rug… rug placement can be tricky and, believe it or not, there are some good guidelines to follow!

For the windows we will add room darkening roller shades. I am a big fan of these roller shades and for this room they should be in the brown color. To order the correct size simply follow the instructions in the video on the product page. You want “Inside Mount” for these shades so that the mechanisms don’t interfere with the curtain hardware that will be installed on the outside of the window frame. To soften the room, the windows will get curtains and curtain hardware. The Falling Circles curtains in taupe color and 84″X50″ size would be lovely in this room. They have just enough pattern to make them feel interesting without overwhelming the room. The Pom Tassel curtains in either the white or the grey color and the 84″X50″ size are another pretty option and add just enough texture to be interesting.

Against the left wall is a beautiful, new upholstered bed. The Colette Upholstered bed would be a beautiful choice. The queen size in the Origin fabric, Natural color will stand out well against the walls. Another option with a more masculine touch is the Wingback Button Tufted bed. Its cream colored fabric will stand out against the walls and the height of the headboard will make a bold statement. I strongly recommend that you spend the money to get the fully upholstered bed rather than just a headboard. With a headboard only you will then need a Harvard frame and a bedskirt and it can be tricky to get the mattress thickness to properly line up with the bottom of the headboard. I have a headboard only and I am now kicking myself for not spending the extra money.

On the bed rests a new, textural quilt and shams. Because the room is a good balance between feminine and masculine, the bed can withstand some ruffled texture. The Sweet Dreams quilt and sham set would give the bed just that. For a bit more toned down look, the Signature quilt and sham set would add richness to the room with a more subtle texture. If you are in the market for new sheets I recommend a crisp white. You can get basic white sheets anywhere but I am wild about the Target Threshold brand sheets and you can’t beat the price. 

On either side of the bed are a pair of matching bedside tables. The Cortina nightstand would be the perfect addition. It has ample storage for books and other necessities. Because this nightstand has a door, you will need both a right and a left handed piece. Another option is the City Storage nightstand. This also offers plenty of storage and has a streamlined look.

On the wall on either side of the bed we will replace the existing lamps with a pair of swing arm wall lights. This will bring a bit more light into the room and make reading in bed a joy. A pair of  Larchmont swing arm lights would be the more subtle addition to the space. If you are looking for something with a bit more pop, a pair of  House of Troy swing arm lamps would bring a little bit of sparkle with the antique brass finish. Both choices are lamps that plug in rather than need hard wiring so an electrician is unnecessary.

At the foot of the bed sits an upholstered bench. This is a great place to place clothing when getting dressed in the morning and it is also a good place to sit when putting on shoes. The Barton Bench has lovely detailing and its legs are quite shapely. The twisted wood legs of the Justine bench would add a new element to the room, lovely.

Next we have a chest of drawers placed on the wall opposite the bed. This will house any clothing not tucked into the closet. The Louis XVI chest of drawers is an absolute stunner. Another look is the Malone Campaign Dresser which has a bit more masculinity to it. This chest of drawers will act as a good surface to place a pair of beautiful lamps for added light and visual interest.  A pair of Selita lamps would look smashing. If you are looking for something with some sparkle in this spot, a pair of the Alana Candlestick lamps would be perfect. Above the chest is a mirror which will help bounce light throughout the room as well as help you out when getting ready in the morning. A round choice like the Tork Brass mirror would add a different shape to the room. Another lovely choice is the Moroccan Mirror which would add a delicate quality to the room.

Between the closet doors is a perfect spot to place an additional storage piece. This will help to corral the reading material and whatnot that, without fail, seems to accumulate in bedrooms… at least in mine! It will also add an additional surface on which to place a lamp allowing for another layer of light. The Newport Demilune cabinet in distressed black finish would fit nicely here. An alternate style is the Upton Cabinet which would add some texture through the nailhead detailing. This is the perfect place to add a pop of color to this otherwise calm and soothing room – an unexpected element is always a welcome addition to a room.  The Mia Table Lamp in red color is a perfect pop. An alternate choice is the Brayden lamp in red. Two very different silhouettes for sure. Place a dish on top for jewelry or pocket change and you are in business!

On the ceiling is a new light fixture – something with personality that gives off decent light when you really need it and adds something different to the space. The Moravian Star light has personality and the light it gives off is a warm glow. The Marina Faceted Shell light has a more traditional shape but has a delicate tone because of the shell detailing. This gives it an unexpected softness. Whatever fixture you choose, a dimmer switch is a must.


For the Master Bath wall color I would let your selection for the Master Bedroom dictate the choice. Use the color strip of the color you choose as the jumping off point and simply go two shades lighter. For example, if you went with Oyster Bay for the bedroom, I would look at the paint strip and go two shades lighter, Sherwin-Williams Sea Salt #SW-6204. If you choose the Rare Gray for the bedroom, you would go with the Sherwin-Williams Aloof Gray #SW-6197. By using this trick you will guarantee that the rooms will relate to one another but there will be enough of a difference in color that they will still feel like separate rooms. 


Your Daughter’s room gets a fresh coat of paint to bring the space up to date. My first suggestion is Benjamin Moore Elephant Gray # 2109-50 as it is one of my all time favorite bedroom colors. It is soft without being too dark and it has purple in it but not enough to make the room feel overly girly. Another fun option is Benjamin Moore Catalina Blue #703. This color is a soft green but it doesn’t read as minty on the wall. 

The windows each have new roller shades. I am a huge fan of these in the gray color. To order the correct size simply follow the instructions in the video on the product page. You want “Inside Mount” for these shades so that the mechanisms don’t interfere with the curtain hardware that will be installed on the outside of the window frame. The front facing windows have curtains and curtain hardware. The Magical Thinking curtains in the grey color in 52″X84″ size add a calm sophistication but have a subtle pop with the addition of rainbow colored pom poms. The Brady curtain in blue-green color adds a bright texture and will bring out the green tones in the existing bed quilt. The curtain hardware is simple and sturdy. The Copenhagen rod in the 88″-120″ size would look lovely. Another good choice is the Matte Bronze rod in the 88″-120″ size. 

 The window above the radiator and desk will not have curtains and curtain hardware. Instead, a relaxed valance is created by draping a piece of Suzani embroidery across the top molding of the window. This one is absolutely beautiful. Here is another option. There are numerous choices available on ebay and it might be fun for your daughter to dig around to find one that she loves.

Should you be in the market for a new rug, something along the lines of the Plus Sign rug would really finish off the space. Look for a flat weave style with a bold pattern and a subtle color. Overstock has a plethora of flat weaves at all price points to choose from. Don’t forget the rug pad!


The main stairs will receive a facelift with new carpet. I recommend you go in one of two directions with the carpet selection – a natural fiber style with a textural pattern or a flat weave rug with a subtle stripe or small scale pattern.

If you choose a natural fiber you have the option of using a synthetic “faux natural fiber style” carpet.  There are many synthetic sisals out there now and the benefit of going with a synthetic is that it doesn’t stain the way that a natural sisal can.

Because the stairs are in such a prominent location in the house, I recommend staying fairly neutral with the colors should you go with a stripe. Something along these lines would look so pretty…

I know that you don’t want to redo the stairs at this point in time… with that said, I reached out to my contractor of choice Leeor Zorel whom I believe you know, and he gave me a rough quote of $500 to rebuild and stain the bottom steps. This would enable you to terminate the runner where the landing and the bottom step meet leaving the wide stairs open to the room. It would completely change the look of the steps leading into the living room and make it look so polished. Alternatively, you could continue the runner at the same width as it is on the stairs which would still leave the bottom steps looking pulled together. Just a thought…