Living Room

I imagine the living room as a calm, comfortable and welcoming  space that feels bright and cosy. The room is equally fit for curling up with a good book and a cosy throw as it is for hosting family gatherings, band practice and even large parties. This is done with a flexible seating arrangement – lots of smaller places to perch around the room that can be moved around as necessary. Classic pieces act as the foundation of the main seating area and more portable seating options are placed throughout the room which can be moved as needed, depending on the size of the crowd.

A neutral color rug with a subtle pattern will add texture, help brighten up the room and anchor the main seating area.  The Ketki rug is a pretty option with mostly neutral colors (in the 9’2″ X 12’2″ size) and this rug, the Carmenita, is another lovely option with a bit more color mixed in (in the 9’6″ X 13′ size). You will also need a good quality rug pad.

The piece of furniture that will ground the room is a large 9′ sofa. I have two styles in mind. The first option is the Cambridge  upholstered sofa in sand colored Belgian Linen fabric. The second option is the Barclay upholstered sofa in sand colored Belgian Linen fabric. The Barclay feels a bit lighter than the Cambridge but either style will look lovely in the space. This large piece will be dressed up with some throw pillows and a cosy throw or two. For the pillows, be sure to get a mix of styles and shapes. An odd number is preferred, I would recommend 5 for this large sofa. The pillows will add interest and dimension to the room. Layering colors and textures makes a room come together and is an easy way to add style and personality. Here are some pretty pillow options: The Surya Townsend in navy, the Fils Les Touches in blue, the Falling Fringe in dark turquoise, the Chiang Mai Dragon lumbar pillow in china blue, the Kenmare Ikat  embroidered pillow in blue and the Vineyard in ocean to name just a few! When ordering pillows, remember to read the item description carefully to be sure the pillow comes with an insert. If it does not, you can almost always order an insert from the same company as you are purchasing the pillow cover (Pottery Barn for example). If you don’t find the size you need for some reason or another (out of stock, on back order, etc.)  you can order inserts of the proper sizes here. As for throws, the Ultra Faux Fur Throw in fog color might cause some raised eyebrows but trust me when I say there is a reason this is an all time best seller – it is SO COSY. Another snuggly choice is this Alpaca Wide Stripe Throw in mist/fog color. If you are after a little more color the Priya Throw is very pretty and the Faux Solid Mohair Throw would be smashing in the color of your choice! You can always order a few of the same to have available in the different seating areas in the room.

The sofa is flanked by a pair of floor lamps. This brightens up the room considerably as well as soothes the eye with symmetry. The Gilded Floor Lamp is a lovely choice that adds volume without feeling heavy. The Rococo Floor Lamp feels a bit more decorative. I don’t think you can go wrong with either.

The large coffee table acts as a place for feet, books, papers and drinks. I am partial to the Persica Coffee Table but the Boro Star Coffee Table would also look smashing and the lower shelf would add a spot for throws, books and other pretty things. Our goal is to get as much light bouncing around the room as we can and a reflective surface is a sure fire way to accomplish this.

Your existing pair of white painted arm chairs will act as seating to the left of the fireplace. A narrow standing lamp placed between them will add dimension and brightness. The Very Skinny Floor Lamp is a great, classic choice. The Stand Floor Lamp is the more unexpected, whimsical choice. Either would do the trick!

Flanking the fireplace, below the existing sconces, rests a pair of stools. These can be used as extra seating or as another surface for glasses or plates – just place a tray on top and you have a table. I think the Warren Ottoman in the Layla Sunshine fabric would look amazing against the paneled walls. The X Bench is a classic shape that can’t be beat. Should you prefer this option, once the rug has been selected you can choose a fabric that will compliment and add some texture to the room.

In the sunny corner to the left of the fireplace is your existing reading chair and ottoman. A set of small nesting tables is the perfect spot to rest a book or place a warm cup of tea. When company comes simply place the tables as needed around the room and guests will have plenty of spots to place a drink.  Something with a classic shape will compliment the space nicely.  The Waterfall Nesting Side Tables set is a beautiful option and will blend in nicely. Another, more light weight option is the 3-Piece Peekaboo Acrylic Nesting Table set. An adjustable reading lamp will complete this cosy area. Both the Studio Adjustable Floor Lamp and  the Stewart Floor Lamp are pretty, classic options.

The existing piano will be placed in the back right corner.

The long, back wall (opposite the fireplace) is visually very long but because of the “secret door” and the bump out below the windows there are limits in how this space can be used.  By placing a significant console cabinet between the bump out and the door the space will feel utilized. This gives you storage options and a surface on which to add visual interest through accessories. The Delancy Sideboard is a stunning option that would certainly make a statement. The Janvier Sideboard is another option and would be a more subtle choice. An alternative option is to place a console table in the same spot. A table will not provide you with significant storage but you may not feel you need it. The Ambella Titan Console would look sleek and the Marissa Mirrored Console is another stunner and would provide you with some storage via the drawers.

On top of this piece of furniture sits a pair of table lamps. A pair of these Deco Marble Lamps would add a little more Art Deco feel to the space and would really stand out against the dark paneling. A pair of Pelle Table lamps would be an unexpected choice… there is something I find charming about this style. 

Looking toward the doorway to the entry you find your existing love seat on the left wall and your existing white cabinet on the right wall. On top of the cabinet sits a lamp which brightens up that corner. The Chevron Deco Table Lamp is a beautiful option, as is the Tall Cut Crystal Lamp. Either would compliment the space nicely.

As far as accessories are concerned, the sky is the limit! You can pick up a variety of beautiful trays and vessels at stores like HomeGoods, Pottery Barn, West Elm and even Target. Don’t forget to shop your own home as well… you may have the perfect vase hiding in a cupboard somewhere just waiting for a spot to perch! A tray is always a welcome addition to a table top. Group books and small vessels or candles on it and you have a beautiful vignette that is easy to move around should company arrive and you need the space for snacks or drinks.  Art of all kinds will look polished in the proper frame. Hang above a piece of furniture or else prop on top of a console for an easily changed pop of interest. Look for items with height as well as decorative bowls and even small art objects. Groupings of these sorts of objects add interest and make the room feel lived in.


Sitting Room

In the sitting room where the TV is, my suggestion for the coffee table is something along the line of the Martens Rectangular Coffee Table. Another pretty option is the Blake Raffia Rectangular Coffee Table. You want to steer pretty clear of metal or glass next to the leather sectional as you don’t want it to look too 80s.  If you are thinking of changing the rug, I would go with a neutral color in a soft pile so it warms up the leather and creates a cosy spot for people to watch television or just hang out. Something like the Lune Rug or theHenley Rug is what I would recommend. Go as large as the room will allow, a 9 X 12 might be right. And don’t forget a rug pad!