Living Room

Ok, here it is finally! Holy moly this is a tricky space! Trying to get 7 (or more) people into a single space for TV viewing is not an easy task! This is what I have come up with after MANY different layouts…
Let’s start with the TV area. The sectional sofa is a giant. The one pictured on the plan is 10’ long. They exist… but they aren’t cheap. Since this is the main furniture in the room spending the money on a comfy sofa is worth it, at least in my mind. In front of the sofa is a pair of poufs. These can be used as a place to put feet as well as more places to sit… especially for kids since they are essentially square bean bags. I’m a fan especially since you can bring color and pattern into the room with them. These are inexpensive and durable and they come in all sorts of patterns as well if chevron isn’t your thing. The TV sits on a large, 5’ media console. You can place all of the components inside it so the wires and whatnot are out of the way. On either side of the console you can place a pair of smaller side chairs. These will come in handy when you have lots of people over. They can even be a pair of dining chairs when not in use. The whole shebang sits on top of a large, 8X10 rug that is soft and cosy in case the people spill off the sofa and onto the floor. Ha!
In the space in front of the playroom entryway is a seating area. This will be a nice spot to hang out when you have people over. The floorpan shows a pair of comfy arm chairs and a pair of smaller stools surrounding a round coffee table. The stools are nice in that they can be moved around as the number of people in the room shift. You could also put one more chair in place of the stools… there is enough space but visually the stools would make it feel more open. There is a standing lamp between the chairs and a cabinet or small table to the left of the set up with a table lamp on it. Having lighting options is key. The area is anchored by a 6X9 area rug.
In the space toward the foyer is a large cabinet to the left as I recall there is already one in place! The perfect spot to stash stuff needed for entertaining. On the right hand side is a console table with a lamp on top and a pair of stools or a small bench tucked underneath and can be brought out when you have a crowd over. Benches and stools are not only good for sitting, they are also great places to put food and drinks in a party situation. A small 4X6 area rug will add some color and texture to the space.
So there you have my thoughts. Let’s discuss!